What Prize?

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of digging around in the Epistles and Paul has been kicking my butt. The thing that is jumping out to me is his overwhelming idea of what it is to be “in Christ.” I’ll write more on this later, I’m sure, but I just wanted to start with the verse that jumped out at me:

In 2 Corinthians Paul compares, or rather equates the knowledge of God to a sweet smell–a fragrance. Is that how we see it? This should be something coming off of you, entangling the people you find yourself around. The simplest analogy I can find is that of body odor: when you skip out on showering for a few days, people can tell, right? Well, can people tell that you posses the knowledge of God? That you are aware of the Creator of the universe, the Son He sent to die for our sins and the Wise Counselor He sent to care for us? I wonder how we would impact those around us if we really accepted this idea.

How would that then affect our worship?
Our relationships?
Our generosity?
Our willingness to serve?
Our everything else?

Cool, right?

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